Bespoke Life Celebrations

I create life celebrations for your loved ones that are as unique as they are. Planning a funeral, whether traditional or of a more unconventional nature, is so important. I work with families to relieve the burden and help them say what they want in the way they want. Contact me today and let’s talk about how we can honor and celebrate your loved one.

There are alternatives to a traditional Service

More and more choice is becoming available to partners, friends and families, when it comes to marking the end of someone’s time here on earth. A religious ceremony may not feel appropriate if someone wasn’t a believer or regular attender at official places of worship. In addition, the time restrictions imposed at most crematorium can make the ceremony feel rushed and a bit like you’re on a conveyor-belt.

There are several options open to you, including:

  1. Natural burial or scattering of ashes. There are many natural burial sites across the UK which offer an approach to burial that is kinder to the planet. If you care about the environment, or simply have a love of walking in beautiful places, you might want to explore one of them. Take a look at Leedam who have sites across the UK. Several natural burial sites will offer a service for scattering of ashes too.
  2. Direct Cremation followed by a service wherever you wish. The option of a direct cremation is not about saying ‘we don’t want a ceremony’, it’s about choosing the ceremony you do want. From a night-time party round a camp fire, with songs and stories of the person who has died, to a formal tea and cakes at their favorite tea shop. From planting a tree in their name whilst a jazz band plays to setting sail off the coast and raising a glass under the stars. You can find out more about direct cremation here.
  3. Private traditional service followed by a life celebration. Many families have found this an option that provides all generations with the right level of support. A traditional cremation or burial service can take place with either a religious or celebrant-lead service. After the service the family hold an additional life celebration. This can be held anywhere, and allows more time for everyone who wishes to speak to do so, for stories of the departed to be shared and for any ceremony that feels appropriate to be included.

Where do you start when you’re planning a service?

When you are planning a life celebration it can feel overwhelming. I suggest you start by getting some photos out and thinking about some of your best memories. What stories come to mind that you’d like to share with me so that we can include them in the service?

You might want to think about including some music too. What pieces bring back happy memories? What music did they love? Music can be so healing and allows a time for reflection during the service too.

My first visit to a family who has lost someone is often the first time they talk about the person who has passed, and the first time they share their grief with others. I have a very privileged job. The 30 years of experience I have had coaching and mentoring help me support others. Those years have taught me to listen, to hold space for others and to show strength and empathy in equal measure.

I love what I do; I get to sit with families and hear their stories. They tell me about the person they knew so that I might get a glimpse of them, an idea of what made them laugh, what and who they cared about and what were their proudest moments. Stories from lovers, children and friends with their versions of the person they all knew and often those who knew him best hear these stories for the first time too.

I consider this work the most important work that I do and I consider it an honour to have the trust of a family at such an important time. My fees start at £200 for a local funeral in West Wales which include all the work to write and deliver a bespoke ceremony. There is no charge for services for children. 

Contact me on 01550 721266 (9am to 8pm please)